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Take A Look Inside PM Modi’s Family And Their Occupation

Various politicians in our country provide large benefits to their families that include property, jobs, wealth and etc. But the family of our Prime Minister leads a very simple life that you may not even think about.

So let’s know about PM Modi’s family and their occupations

1. Amrit Modi

Amrit Modi is the elder brother PM Narendra Modi and he served in a private company as a fitter and now gets Rs 10,000 p.m as the pension. He still travels in a scooter and has never been inside an airplane and leads a very simple middle-class life.

2. Prahlad Modi

Prahlad Modi is the younger brother of PM Narendra Modi and owns a fair price shop and leads a middle-class life despite the fact that his brother is a Prime Minister. His daughter, Nikunjben died some time ago as he couldn’t afford expensive treatment for her, being a PM’s brother he couldn’t afford medical expenses and some corrupt politicians are still busy circulating wealth into their family so that they can live a luxurious life.

3. Pankaj Modi

Pankaj is also the younger to PM Narendra Modi and works in the Information Department and leads a better life than his other two brothers. He works as a clerk there in Gujarat and has a 3BHK house with his mother.

4. Soma Modi

Soma Modi is the eldest brother of PM Narendra Modi and now runs an old age home in Ahmedabad. Earlier he worked as an officer in the Health Department and retired in the year 2001 when Modi became chief minister.

5. Ashok Modi

Ashok Modi is the first cousin of PM Narendra Modi and he used to sell kites, snacks, and crackers on a THELA. He now rented a shop to sell his things and earns Rs 7000 p.m which is very less, he struggles a lot to manage his family expenses but never asked his brother for help or use his position to give him some good job. His wife washes utensils to get some additional money to manage expenses.

6. Bharat Modi

Bharat Modi is the first cousin of PM Narendra Modi and brother of Ashok Modi. He works as a petrol pump attendant and earns up to Rs 6000 p.m only and his wife also works as a snack seller and earns Rs 4000 p.m.

7. Arvind Modi

Arvind Modi collects scrap from door to door for his living and earns approximately Rs. 10,000 and sometimes even less. He struggles a lot to manage the expenses of his family and leads a poor quality of life.

8. Heeraben Modi

She is the mother of the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. Like her son, Heeraben Modi also lives a very simplistic life.

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