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The Number Of Lines On Your Wrist Says A Lot About Your Personality

We all have that curious sign on our head to know more about zodiacs, palmistry, and a number of lines that are in our wrist and sometimes we wonder what these lines indicate. It is our human tendencies to know more about our future than our present, so here these lines on your wrist say a lot about you.

The Line Close To The Wrist

The lines on your wrist indicate something that is related to your life and your personality. The line which is closest to your wrist says a lot about your health and if its a straight line then it means you will have good health and if it’s broken then it means that you are indulging into bad habits that will cause you major problem to your body. And if the first line is deep then you will have difficulties in your early life were later on it may be full of good fortune.

Curved Lines

If the first line is curved than it is an alert sign for men who will face a problem regarding their reproduction issues. Well, in Women they will face problems like pain during the childbirth.

Second Line

The second line that appears on your wrist and if it is quite visible than it only indicates that you will have prosperity and fortune in your near future.

Third Line

The third line on your wrist indicates you are close to your friends and your family and if the line is deep and straight then it means you will be an influential figure in the eye of your loved ones. And if the second line is broken while the third line is deep that only indicates you are more focused on your bright future.

Fourth Line

Well, basically, not everyone has the fourth line on their wrist but if they have then it only indicates that you will live longer and you will influence people to follow you.

Some Even Has One Line

Well, normally many have deep lines on their wrist whereas some just have one line that indicates your life ahead would be more difficult because you will be facing deep depression and ill health.

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