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These 10 Airlines Having The Best Looking Crew All Over The Globe

When it comes to airlines and air hostesses, we all have a picture in our brain, of a perfectly maintained lady with sharp features. Still, it’s one of the jobs that’s accused of being discriminatory on sizes or facial features. But change is inevitable. Here we have put up a number on Airlines that has the most good looking flight crew.

Here we go.

1. United Arab Emirates

As we mentioned above, it’s not based on merit but we all know. Gulf Airlines do have the most beautiful crew and there’s no doubt to that. You know it, we know it.

2. Virgin Atlantic

Who needs a high maintenance model wearing expensive clothes when the flight attendants manage to look flawless in their work clothes?

3. Singapore Airlines

One of the most well-mannered Flight attendees with smiles that light up your day. Their tagline “Singapore girl, you’re a great way to fly.” Might sound sexist but after all, their high maintenance standards says a lot about them.

4. Etihad Airlines

From beauties around the world, this flight is enough to give you a World Tour before you land anywhere. I guess it’s just a thing about the Gulf, you know?

5. Qatar Airways

So now, do you agree that it’s just the thing about Gulf Places?

6. EVA Air

Yes, we’re talking about the Hello Kitty Flight. And not only the Flight but the Flight attendants are no less cute. You’re thinking about becoming a flight attendant, aren’t you?

Wait there’s more.

7. China Eastern Airlines

We don’t know if it’s the tagline but it says Elegance. And we know what they’re talking about their flight crew.

8. All Nippon Airways

Now that’s a known fact that Japanese girls are cute and beautiful. Now imagine a flight that’s full of Japanese Ladies.  Tempted, aren’t you?

8. Cebu Pacific Air

Their bright candy orange Dress and their Philippine manners will make your ride a memorable one. And we’re talking about the whole flight crew, you won’t regret it.

9. American Airways

Now we all are aware of the fact that Americans do know how to enlist themselves in the bests. And here we are, with models went Air Hostesses or Air Hostesses soon to be models and Actors. Their beauty in unheard of.

10. Swiss International Airlines

Their Official and Formal attire is Intimidating yet Beautiful. Their class makes them beautiful plus all the good service and good food. Yes, you need to travel to Switzerland.

11. Turkish Airlines

Well, you are going to get star struck at these beautiful flight attendants that’s one thing we’re sure about. And we’re all aware of Gulf countries; aren’t we?

12. Bikini Airlines

Their quirky red attire and their quick services are unheard for. They look beautiful and work efficiently. If you’re looking for a good flight experience then this should be it. The Flight Crew won’t disappoint you.

13. Asiana Airlines

You’ll be amazed how South Korea made to this list but, once you get a glimpse of their flight crew, you won’t be able to say the same. Yes, Korean Beauties are slaying at being the most amazing Flight Crew.

14. Garuda Indonesia

You won’t believe in their widespread services and their Popularity over the world. They know how to make their Customers satisfied with their travel. Their main motive is to make A concept of service which is designed to allow passengers enjoy Indonesia at it’s best. How can you not say that it’s one of the most Amazing Flight Crew ever?

15. Pakistan International Airlines

The unique dressing style that makes them look like nothing less than a diva. Even the male attendants, who steal the show with their Tux Tucked nicely.

16.  Australian Airlines

Their red, elegant attire and their services make them stand out from the other airlines’ crew! They know how to handle their customers’ needs well! You won’t be disappointed!

All these images clearly show that the airlines pay a lot of attention to the crew they hire so that the passengers are satisfied with the quality as well as the service. If you find these airlines to be worth your money, click here to look at these top airports that provide the services.



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