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These 10 Different Versions Of Memes Of What Modi Promised & What He Delivered

Narendra Modi led Government was formed after he (as 15th Prime Minister of INDIA) and his 45 other ministers swore on 26 May 2014. The promises made by him were definitely much more than what he has been able to deliver. It’s been more than 4 years and he has not been able to deliver his promises in the way he was expected to and he has sometimes been trolled a big time for his so-called Fake Promises. So check some memes  and lets hope he will deliver something to slash petrol and diesel prices to make aam janta with him.

1. Bollywood Actor Version

Cricket Version

Food Version

Car Version

Bed Version

Mobile Phone Version

Bollywood Actress Version

Alcohol Version

Bollywood Movie Version

Rapper Version

Internet & Needs Version

“Versions Of Versions” Version

Chapati Version

Bollywood Singer Version

This is a fun part of political criticism and BJP is doing good on some fronts and bad on some. So lets hope for good & Do not forget to share and let us know your views

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