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These 10 Pics of 61-Year-Old Model will Absolutely Rock You

Swimsuit adverts are often highly sexualized, but as you can see from these stunning pictures, they don’t have to be. Nor do they have to feature young models, as Yasmina Rossi proves.

You wouldn’t believe it to look at her, but the model, visual artist, and self-portrait photographer is in fact over 60 years old. And she definitely has a fair share of tips on how to look younger.

The photographs below are part of a campaign for a swimsuit collaboration between online shop The Dreslyn and a lingerie house called Land of Women.

According to Brooke Taylor Corcia, founder of Dreslyn, the purpose of the collection was to veer away from the hyper-sexualized imagery of existing swimwear lines.

She decided to choose Malibu, California-based Rossi as their older model of choice because, as she said to Huffpost, “This is a woman who radiates health and vitality.

She’s confident; she’s a visual artist, she takes care of herself. [This line is] all about being a person who’s well-lived and well-traveled and has intelligence and confidence, and letting that shine through.”

This woman proves that swimwear models don’t have to be young

Beauty Unleashedd

But how she maintained herself in 61

“There is no big secret,” she once told the Sunday Times about her beauty tips. “All I have ever done is eat organic food – long before it became trendy”


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