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These 10 Pics will take you back to past on 90’s lane

Remember your parents complaining “Kids these days…” when you were busy playing Mario for hours together on TV? Well, it’s your turn now.

Here are some of the coolest things from the 90s that’ll take you a trip down the memory lane. I bet you will feel bad for how grown up you are now. I sure did feel bad, writing this article.

You Still Remember The “Jalebeeee…” Kid.

This Was Your World Before Mp3s.

You Imagined Flying, One Day.

These Were Yummy. And A Luxury That You Had To Fight To Get One.

You Had One Of These. Just Like Your Friends.

Or These.

This Guy Was The Most Clever Guy You Knew.

You Had One Of These. The “Always Stuck” Machine.

All Of Your Friends Had A Pair Like Yours.

You Actually Enjoyed Playing This With Your Parents.

You’d Set The Alarm For Every 30 Mins.

This Was Your Show Off Item.

You Traded These.

You Bought These At Railway Stations.

You’re Thinking About Kroor Singh And His “Yekkuu” Laugh Now.

You Loved The Smell Of The Ink.

You Hurt Your Fingers Playing This.

You Never Got This Until You Were “Big Enough” To Get One.

You Didn’t Get Annoyed Seeing This (Like You Do These Days With Your Internet Provider).

You Got Hypnotized Every Time This  Played.


You Bought It For The Cover & Blasting It. Accept It.

You Loved The Taste, And The Color.

You’ve Never Seen It Again.

Your Uncle Had One. And You Begged For Rides.

You Haven’t Seen This Ever Since, Either.

You Tinkered With It, Shouting From The Terrace. “Is It OK Now?”

Parents Bought It For You. Didn’t Bother To Use.

Stop Shaking Your Head.

Brown Paper. You’d Make The Most Of It.

You Don’t Like The New One.

Your Garland.

You Are Singing The Jingle Now.

You Really Believed It Was Japanese Technology.

You Flipped Over Every Time You Got One.

You Upgraded To One Of These.

From One Of These.

You Never Missed An Episode.

Your First Manly Shave.

You Still Admire It.

This Should Remind You Of Your Teacher.

You Envied Your Friend For Having One Of These.

You Hurt Your Finger Spinning It.

You Were Perfectly OK With This. Didn’t Even Realize The Screen Was Curved Then.

Your First Cricket Bat.

You Collected These Like Crazy And Thought They Fought For Real.

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