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These 15 BGrade Filmy posters will make you laugh for sure

Bhojpuri movies, the actors, their expressions, their songs, the action are enough to give you full entertainment. Their stories maybe simple, dialogues from the heart and locations from the heartland, over-acting actors and under-paid actresses, but when it comes to movie posters, Bhojpuri movies are most entertaining.

These movies have served us with great sexist content since a long time. They have also been the core ingredient of humour, thanks to the titles these directors come up with. Mock it or love, these movie titles have made us hilariously laugh out loud.

Agree or not, we all have seen those low-budget movie posters on the roadside and they have cracked us up with their super-creative titles at some point of time or other. Well, forget bhojpuri and other regional cinema, here are some B-grade movie posters which are so bad that they are actually good.

This man is surely having a ‘hard’ time.

When will the world get over with all that saali-hoti-hai-aadhi-gharwalinonsense, like seriously I want to know.

Oh, so this where the term morning wood came from!

Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows; with puberty comes acne and nose hair.

Cheap thrills

That dog in the poster, though.

Certainly, safetea isn’t this man’s cup of tea.

What does that mean, anyway?

As they say, mehendi laga ke rakhna, dowry saja ke rakhna! 

Here are 15 real hilarious Bhojpuri movie titles that next time when you play dumb charades, don’t forget to include these:

1. Humra Lehenga Ke Andar Wi-Fi

Translation: Wi-Fi inside my Lehenga

2. Mehraru Chahi Milky White

Translation: Want a milky white wife!

3. Tohre Kaaran Gaeel Bhensiya Paani Mein

Translation: The buffalo has gone into the water because of you

4. Pandit Ji Batayee Na, Byaa Kab Hoyi

Translation: Panditji, tell me when i’ll get married

5. Mehraru Bina Ratiya Kaise Kati

Translation: How to spend the night without a wife

6. Hero Gamchawala

Translation: The scarfed hero

7. Gobar Singh

Translation: Poop Singh

8. Jeans Wali Bhauji

Translation: Jeans-wearing sister-in-law

9. Miya Anari Ba Biwi Khilari Ba

Translation: Husband is a dumbass, wife is a player

10. Rickshawala I Love You

Translation: Haha, I’m sure this title needs any translation

11. Saali Badi Sataaveli

Translation: Sister-in-law very naughty

12. Haraami Kela

Translation: Bastard banana

13. Tohar Chumma Vitamin-A

Translation: Your kiss Vitamin-A

14. Pepsi Peeke Lagelu Sexy

Translation: Looking sexy after drinking pepsi

15. Raat Bhar Hilaya Hai Phir Bulaya Hai

Translation: Shaking all night, he calls me

I’m sure you laughed your ass in few, few were vulgar but that’s that. There are loads as such out there but these were the most funniest. Let us know your favourite in the comments below.

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