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These 8 Pictures Prove That ‘Pyaar Government Jobs waalon ko Milta hai’

Love doesn’t sees color, size and age. Love is beyond all these things, it makes you a better person, it changes the way you see the world. But this definition of love has changed a lot in this modern time, people now love with their brains instead of hearts.

Here, we bring you some pictures of the couples that will either make you start believing in the concept of love or on the power of money and position. Have a look :

  1. The effect of government job? or true love?

Age difference is 25 years.

Yeah they are couple, not father and daughter :

Love makes you go crazy

She’s mine :

Bhai isme kis baat ki akad hai ?

Love :

They look good together

He is her husband, not father

He is her husband not grandfather


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