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This girl from rajasthan is taking the International modelling scene by storm

This London-born beauty of Rajasthani origin is taking the Indian modelling scene by storm

A London-born beauty of Rajasthani origin, Lall’s first tryst with the spotlight was straight out of university where she participated in a modelling contest and won. Obviously. Her first big break was shooting a campaign for a cosmetics major with the legendary British photographer Rankin.

Lall plays against the international stereotype for models, a quality she knows how to play to her advantage. “I don’t look like the majority of girls on an international agency board. I stand out more as a big fish in a small pond with regards to Indian/ethnic representation,” she said in an interview.

Though she began her modelling career in London, Lall is a favourite in India too. What does she love about working in India?

“Because it’s a smaller, more intimate industry, there’s a friendly and welcoming feeling on set. There’s also this genuine sense of ‘looking after the model’.

” The self-professed party girl counts Goa among her favourite destinations to visit. It’s a good thing she looks like this in a bikini, then. Lall’s favourite fangirl moment? Starring alongside Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell in a Duran Duran music video.

She is superbly hot

Featuring on Kingfisher Calender

Indian Modelling scene is superb

She is super gorgeous

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