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This Most Beautiful Girl Looks Identical To A Real Life Barbie

The world is associated with different ideologies and technologies but it seems like there is a lack of a certain mindset that will never change. If we suggest some people to think about the most beautiful girl in the world, then we are sure maximum people will imagine a fair skin woman with the most beautiful eyes. But here we are presenting you the most beautiful model who looks like real life Barbie doll. And we are sure you will definitely fall in love with her.

Most Beautiful Woman

Being called the world’s most beautiful woman we always imagine a fair skin girl with the most beautiful eyes that can make anyone jealous. Well, many beauty contest and people have this ideology where fair skin is the most beautiful one and they deserve to rule the world like they have the power, but here is the woman who with her melanin skin made the world bow to her beauty and we are quite amazed at her.

Twin Version Barbie Doll

We always think that woman with a melanin skin is not that attractive but it seems like we have been wronged by this woman who is half Australian -Sudanese and she also looks like a twin version of a real-life Barbie doll.

Tough Road

Duckie is a 21-year-old model with the most beautiful skin. She has always been mistaken as the real life barbie doll after she gained popularity in Australia’s Next Top Model. Before reaching stardom it was a tough road for her as she had to face all the criticism that came her way.

Before Modeling

Her teenage life was filled with thorns as she had to face the criticism of the people who used to call her names and various things that can make anyone cry for their lives. This thing didn’t stop there as people went on to troll her by making insensitive remarks about her appearance when she was at the peak of her career. She gained her strength and encouraged herself to stop these people subjecting her looks when her friend took an extreme step that caused her life for the exact same reason. This incident changed her life and being accused of her looks she knows that nothing can change and she doesn’t have to change for anybody.

Defining Beauty

She made a decision to pull herself out of the modeling world only to regain herself. Now 2 years after she had gained so much popularity that both men and women are going gaga over her. Well, after hearing her story we are sure nobody has a fairytale ending but this real-life Barbie doll has proved that “ You’ll always have people say negative things about you… what people think about you doesn’t define you”.

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