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What is Rose Day? and Why We celebrate it?

What is Rose day?

Very first day of the Love Week celebrated every 7th of Feb is called ROSE DAY. This day is the most beautiful as well as most exciting day of love week, this is because people can express their feelings to whom they love or want to make girlfriend or boyfriend.

Not only you can express your feelings to your love through Valentine’s Rose Day but also to your friends, teachers, family members, colleagues, etc.

There are so many colors of roses available in the world and each color signifies the different meaning like:

Red Rose: Red roses are the symbol for love, romance and feelings.
Yellow Rose: Bright, cheerful and joyful are something which come to mind when thinking of a yellow rose.
White Rose: White roses, the purist of colors, it represent innocent as well as purity.

There are so many other roses as well which reflects different meaning and feelings. But the above ones are easily available in the Indian Markets.

Why we celebrate Rose day ?

From centuries red roses are considered for love. People give red roses to their lovers. When a boy or girl purpose to the person he/she love, he/she offer red rose and give it the person. Even in poems poets use red rose word to garnish his writings.

When Valentines week starts, first day is Rose Day. The smell of this flower originates romance and happy feeling in the person’s heart. It continues to show its magic during the whole valentines week.

Also on this day many people buy fresh red roses and most of the people keep the rose with them for a long time as a token of love given by their partner.

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