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While We Are Stuck In 2019 These 10 People Have Already Made It Into 3019

People who are smart and behave like a true swag are so funniest in nature that we should be surrounded with these kinds of people. While we are stuck in 2019 these people have already surpassed themselves and living in 3019. Well, you must be thinking how they have accomplished themselves to be in future as we all are in present is because of their funniest nature that is quite entertaining well lets take a look.

Eating It With A Swag

Some people are really born smart like this boy who had no sitting arrangement but then to he found a spot to eat perfectly.

Perfect View

We never thought that underwears are very useful as it was said it is a wearable source not for entertainment source like it is displayed in this image.

What An Idea

Well, we should take a time and thank these people for their quick thinking and brilliant ideas because without them we wouldn’t have known that instant ramens could have been eaten in this way.

Zoom In Zoom Out

Some people create genius who have an intelligent mind and some people just use their brain perfectly to make everyone prove right that they are not from 2018 but from 3018.

Cylinder Is So Usefull

We didn’t know that gas cylinders can be this useful as considering the fact that this guy had used it to swim underwater.


You know when you have no headlights the traffic police is obviously going to give you a ticket for not having a headlight but here this guy just solved your problem.

Clear Cut

Well, now you should be worry less as when you have great talent and perfect view to give your hair a perfect cut.

When You Don’t Have Bike

It seems like this guy had intentionally introduced this innovative idea because he didn’t have any bike to impress his girlfriend.

Swimming Pool

So now you don’t have to worry that you are not living like a rich kid and you don’t have rich parents who have a swimming pool inside their house while you can use your balconies for better use.

Kids Nowadays

Well, we should appreciate this kid for his quick thinking while we were thinking about what that shirt pocket is for and what kind of use they have but here we got the answer for that.

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