Top 5 gym machines Worth Using

Body-weight workouts and kettle bells are the most loved among the fitness freaks these days, Check Top 5 gym machines Worth Using for every fitness work. Exercise machines are slowly entering into the fitness routine of people and they are quite useful especially if you are a newbie in the fitness universe.

Here’s are some gym machines which are worth your time and each one of these will help you build strength and train your body to use the right muscles.Here are the list of Top 5 gym machines Worth Using everyday.

1. Lat Pull-Down
Are you interested in doing pull-ups? This is a great place to start where you’ll start building your back muscles and activating the complete posterior chain.
Muscle group worked on: Latissimus dorsi (“broadest muscle of the back”), shoulder girdle

2. Chest Press
If you’re a beginner, building up your chest, biceps and triceps will helpful for better and effective compound movements later.
Muscle group worked on: Chest, biceps and triceps

3. Hanging Leg Raise
It’s a great way to work on your abs by holding up on your forearms and simply lifting your legs up.
Muscle group worked on: Core and hip flexors

4. Horizontal Seated Leg Press
This should everyone’s go-to lower-body machine. If used in the correct way, it can help you move toward squats off the machine.
Muscle group worked on: Quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves

5. Cardio: Rowing Machine
The rowing machine can be a great way to change your body and fitness goals. It helps the upper body and lower body aspect of resistance training. This killer regimen burns fat and improves endurance.
Muscle group worked on: Complete body, particularly the posterior chain.

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