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Google AMP & Facebook Instant Articles: Future of Mobile Web

Google is to include AMP into SEO factors and thus its force websites to use AMP markup, optimized for Google, indexed by Google and shown primarily to Google users.

On other side facebook wants to push instant articles on its platform to eat a chunk from advertisements.Facebook Instant Articles loads pages up to 10 times faster than average but its not easy to implement on a old website.

Tech giants want faster web but both are pushing their own technologies to content creators. As a website its not that easy to implement both technologies at web platform. Most of the old websites are struggling these days to get it right on SEO front. Facebook is dampening reach of external links from websites on its platform. Google is promoting AMP articles and most of the small scale bloggers find it difficult to get traffic now.

Features and Negatives of Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles

  • Both target and show static web content – like plain HTML and just a bit of a CSS. Almost no JavaScript allowed.
  • Users can publish via Instant Articles API or else utilizing a guarded RSS feed.
  • Limited Monetization resources available under facebook instant articles and Google AMP.
  • With Google AMP and instant articles the actual content takes place on google’s server as an optimized copy.
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